Communication is key with Echolocation

Communication has always been the key for human advance in society throughout history.  As humans proceed to learn further about their own communication, it’s also interesting to examine the communication abilities of other mammals.  These communication abilities may not require an actual language involving sets of words, but rather use finely tuned sounds that other mammals deem essential to interaction.  Dolphins, considered highly intelligent masters of the sea, they rely on an ability called “echolocation”.

While they may just sound like random squeeky noises to the common observer, the sounds dolphins release actually let them know how close they are to an object they swim by, the ocean while heavily dark is also favorable to echoing sounds, thus making it favorable to these and other sea mammals.  The sonar waves they send out through their blow holes also tell them when other fish are approaching.  While it remains a large mystery to scientists as to exactly what the dolphins are communicating to one another, it remains obvious that the many types of noises they make are indeed communication.



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