Tatooine Sunset? Perhaps not just Star Wars fiction after all..

So you’re watching the famous scene from Star Wars, as Luke Skywalker stares out into the distance at the Tatooine sunset.  It’s a bit of an eye catcher if you’re experiencing Star Wars for the first time.  Here on earth, we’re used to seeing just one sun go down as the sky begins to fade, but, in Episode 4 Luke watches as two suns set on his fictional home planet.  But, this scene from Star Wars may not be fiction after all.  Perhaps there is a view one could have on another planet in which they would experience two suns setting in the distance.

According to astronomers two star systems aren’t that unlikely to come by.  By staring out into the heavens using NASA’s Spitzer Space Telescope, astronomers have been able to identify two-star systems.  What’s even more astonishing are that the astronomers have “dusty debris disks” in the systems.  These dusty debris disks are likely the remnants from formation of planets.  While these two star systems may likely have planets, they’re too far away to know for show.  But this shows it is possible for planet formation in two-star systems.  So Star Wars fans, perhaps a beautiful Tatooine sunset is just around the corner after all!




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