Discovery Channel unwraps Tut with new series

Discovery Channel’s new series about famous Egyptian Pharoh King Tut sets the right note with new interesting findings on King Tut and his family.  As technology has progressed, scientists are able to more accurately map DNA than ever before.  This way scientists have been able to identify that one of two infants who died before birth were in fact his child, who has been identified as a female.  Scientists also found that a female mummy that was found was his wife, who was also his sister, Ankhesenamun.  Tut and his wife have been romanticized about for ages in ancient egyptian society.  The tests also show that the inbreeding that took place within the family lead to certain deformities.  But the royal family actually believed it made them stronger.  For example, scientists were able to find that Ankhensenamun’s foot was heavily deformed.  She’s not the only one with deformities, Tut’s feet were also less severely deformed while the mummy of his unborn child has some deformities as well.  The studies were lead by famed Egyptologist Dr. Zahi Hawass.

For more information on the show:


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