Star Wars in Concert brings audience closer to a galaxy far far away..

Star Wars in Concert, May 19, 2010, Baton Rouge, LA

If you ever wanted to get closer to the Star Wars universe than sitting down and watching the Star Wars movies, this event would probably be your best bet.  A delight of beautiful music played by a full orchestra in the way that John William’s envisioned, perfect on every note set to the beautiful imagery from the Star Wars universe.  The stage is backed up by a full screen.  The video only enhances the music and the Star Wars Universe comes to life in a way nobody has ever imagined.  Not only does video enhance the music, lasers are there as well, quite reminiscent of the amount of lasers the movie trilogies never seem to lack.  What’s even more delightful about the event it that actor Anthony Daniels, (known as the voice behind droid C3PO) is there to narrate it.

The famous voice of C3PO, Anthony Daniels narrates

Whether it’s set to smooth music from the sappy love scenes between Anakin and Padme from the prequels or to booming performances set to video of the rebels defeating the imperial forces at Yavin and Endor, or to the beautiful Yoda’s theme set to video of the small and humble jedi master, the orchestra never fails to bring Star Wars to life in a way that it hasn’t been brought before.  Attendees are also treated to props used in the trilogies.  Star Wars in Concert runs through July 25 with it’s last stop in London, Ontario.

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