Ranking the Star Wars movies from the original trilogy


Empire is simply movie making perfection.  The on-screen chemistry between the characters reach a new height, especially between Fisher and Ford, who get stuck together for most of the movie aboard the Falcon.  Luke, on the other hand, must seek his own training and further his understanding of the force.

The viewer is really able to sense the deep concern the characters have for one another.  Luke begins to really grown up.  In A New Hope we saw him as a young rebellious teen, now we see him as a character determined to shape his own destiny, that being a jedi.  It’s in Empire that Luke meets Yoda and gets his first real training on how to become a jedi.  The special effects are simply amazing and even for 1980, by today’s standards they’re still hard to beat.  Then there’s the jaw-dropper, Vader’s Luke’s father.  Who saw that coming? And Han frozen in carbonite before the best lines in movie history:  LEIA: I love you  HAN: I know

Then ZAP! Han Solo gets frozen in carbonite.  By the end of this movie, the empire seems to be on a roll.  Things appear to be falling apart for the rebels, who hope to crush the empire and restore democracy throughout the galaxy, but they’ll have to wait for Return of the Jedi to do that.  It’s a tragic ending and it keeps us as viewers looking forward until the next one.

Simply put, best Star Wars movie there is..


This is close behind Empire.  After all, it’s the first time we’re introduced to the Star Wars galaxy, some of the weird creatures that inhabit it, the characters, the dominance of the Empire lead by the tyrannical Vader, and the rebel alliance’s goal to restore democracy in the galaxy.  Oh, not to mention the Empire’s main threat, THE DEATH STAR.  That’s no moon!  It’s an Imperial base with the ability to destroy an entire planet! So maybe shooting one spot on a structure that large, automatically triggering a self destruct mechanism that blows the entire thing, and actually having enough time to get away from the blast sounds improbable, but it sure makes for one hell of a story line. A+++++


Luke has returned.  He’s more serious than ever.  He’s grown up and is finally a “real” jedi.   He’s also determined to get his friend Han Solo back from the menacing crime-lord Jabba the Hutt.  After succeeding, it’s off to end the Empire who seem more powerful than ever.  The Emperor’s own confidence in his forces will be his downfall.  By land and air, the battle of Endor treats viewers to a high paced spectacle of special effects eye candy.  Not to mention the lovable fur ball Ewoks…if you don’t like them, you have to admit they’re at least better than Jar Jar Binks.  The main part of this movie is that Luke refuses to turn to the dark side, and Vader redeems himself as Anakin Skywalker by saving his son from the scary looking Emperor Palpatine.  Of course, Vader does this at the expense of his own life, he’s basically mortally wounded.  But once everything is done and the death star is destroyed, the rebels will have the task of setting up a new republic.  But unfortunately for us, the Star Wars series ends here, at least in the movies and for the time being.

Next i’ll review and rank the prequel trilogy as numbers 4 through 6.  Of course, I think all the originals are better than the prequels, that’s not to say that the prequels don’t have their own spark..

Stay tuned..


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