Common Misquote of the Day: The Empire Strikes Back

While many often quote the line, “Luke, I am your father” by Darth Vader from The Empire Strikes Back, the line is actually,”No, I am your father.”

Here’s a quick transcript from the movie followed by a clip:

Vader: If you only knew the power of the dark side.  Obi Wan never told you what happened to your father.

Luke: He told me enough.  He told me you killed him.

Vader: No, I am your father.

Here’s a couple more videos from other movies light heartedly playing off of the famous Star Wars scene.  The first is from Toy Story II where Emperor Zurg informs Buzzy Lightyear that he’s his father:

Buzz: I’ll never give in.  You killed my father.

Zurg: No Buzz, I am your father.

The next comes from Austin Powers, where Dr. Evil informs Powers that he’s his father, only to reveal that he’s joking:

Dr. Evil: Austin, I am your father.

Austin Powers: Really?

Dr. Evil: Really? No, not really. I can’t back that up.

While the previous 2 clips that play off the famous Star Wars scene are fun, they don’t do anything to help stop the common misquotation.

What’s the reasoning behind the misquote?

A main reason people may often misquote this famous line is because who feels like stating, “no, I am your father” randomly when you’re not stating it following what Luke said.  Stating this way doesn’t really show who the quote is directed to.  Therefor it’s much easier to show who the quote is directed to by staying, “Luke, I am your father”.  It’s a fun quote and maybe one that even some of the biggest Star Wars fans might misquote themselves from time to time.


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