The Changing Oval Office: From FDR to Obama

Not many rooms empower such a symbol of prestige, authority, and democracy as the White House’s Oval Office does.  From here, the elected leader of the free world makes some of the most compelling decisions, addresses the nation, and perhaps even relaxes after a long day of work.  Over the years, the Oval Office in the modern west wing has undergone many revamps as different elected presidents put their own personal touch on the office during their tenures.  Here’s a photo history of the Oval Office:

1930's/40's: Oval Office Replica from The Roosevelt Administration

Early 1950's: Truman Administration

1950's: During the Eisenhower Administration

Early 1960's: Final Oval Office of JFK

Late 1960's: Lyndon B. Johnson Administration

Early 1970's: Oval Office replica from Nixon Administration

Late 1970's: During the Carter Administration

1980's: During the Reagan Administration

Early 1990's: During the George H.W. Bush Administration

1990's: During the Clinton Administration(Replica from Clinton Presidential Library)

Early-Late 2000's: During the Bush Administration

September 2010-present: Obama Administration (Image from AP)


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