Impressions of Victoria, British Columbia

I only had the chance to spend about 7 hours in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.  It was on the way back from the Alaskan cruise in July of 2008, last stop before arriving in Seattle, Washington.  Despite its relative closeness to Alaska, Victoria is quite different.  Unlike the Alaskan cold, Victoria’s atmosphere is more pleasant.  There wasn’t the sign of constant cold rain barraging down upon my head, so after the many cruise stops in Alaska, Victoria’s warmth was quite welcomed.  If you look at the shores that border the city, you’ll see the blue water and the mountains hovering in the distance.  It’s an immaculate background for the beautiful city immersed in culture that lies beneath it.  The center of the city appears to be a small harbor where privately owned boats are kept.  Victoria’s capital building lies close by.  It’s a beautiful structure but even it doesn’t match the splendor of the Empress Hotel, also situated near the harbor.  When the day finally begins to dim at night, the city lights up.  The people seemed relaxed and just enjoyed life.  It’s definitely a place I’d love to go back to and spend more time.


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