Becoming a Tie Fighter Pilot for Halloween

One of my favorite things about Halloween is developing your own costume using your imagination.  While it’s easy to just go out and buy your own(especially if you’re lacking the time to create a costume), it’s even more fun to try to piece a costume together to form something truly unique.  While it’s doubtful you’ll create something that nobody’s ever done before, adding your own unique touch to it is something that makes it special, not only for yourself, but for the people who see you dressed up in the costume.  I had a hard time coming up with what I wanted to be this year, but I finally decided on being the famed Tie Fighter Pilot from Star Wars.

The most important aspect of the costume is the helmet.  It defines the recognizable features of the pilot’s mask.  It’s also quite similar to that of the storm trooper, except the fact that it’s a different color and different sizes and shapes in some areas.  Mine might not be the most accurate, but I still think it looks pretty darn good.  Now, there is a tie fighter helmet you can order online for around $60+ but it being so close to Halloween, I simply didn’t have the time and money for that.  I went a different route and bought the kid’s clone trooper costume from Target for $30.00, just to have the mask that was similar to the Tie Pilot’s.  Once I had that, I carefully spray painted it black & using a silver paint pen, painted the imperial emblems on each front side of the helmet.  One of the most recognizable feature of the Tie helmet are the breathing tubes that extend from the bottom part of the mask.  For this part, I cut two holes in the bottom part of the mask.

I had bought washer/dryer tubes from Lowe’s, which I had also spray painted black.  For the breathing piece that fits on the chest, I cut out poster board and created it from that by drawing on the details with permanent marker.  I cut 2 holes on each side of the breathing unit and pushed the tube to where each side of the tubing extended out of the breathing unit.  From there, I extended it to the helmet.  The holes I had cut in the helmet were cut small enough to where i squeezed the tubing into the mask and it stuck firmly, thus forming the Tie mask.  I then superglued the breathing unit to a vest I had created from a simple black t-shirt, which stuck pretty well.

I know a lot of tie fighter pilot costumes use a black jumpsuit that fits over the entire body, but I didn’t have time to try to find one.  I also noticed that a lot of other people who created tie pilot costumes made the mistake of making the costume too loose with the effect of it looking really baggy, which in my opinion didn’t make it look very good.  So I wanted it to appear to fit tight, as I believe is most accurate to the outfits worn by various troops and characters throughout the Star Wars Universe.  To do this i wore skinny black pants & a long sleeve tight fitting starter shirt purchased from Wal-Mart(the only regret is that I didn’t cover my neck as skin is visible).  The last effects of the uniform were a black pair of gloves that extend over the sleeve and a pair of black rain boots purchased from Target.  With that my outfit was complete and I was ready to fight for the Empire!


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