The Top PC Games that defined my Childhood

1.)King’s Quest 3 (1986) & the entire King’s Quest series

King’s Quest 3 was the first true PC game I ever played.  In fact, it was released only a year after I was born.  Not only did it introduce me to adventure gaming, but it introduced me to a mythical world of wizards, fantasy, magic, and dragons, thus spawning my ultimate interest in a larger genre of fantasy.  You start off as a poor chap that’s a slave of an evil wizard.  Your task is to find a way to break free and free the land of his evil grip.  Aside from KQ3, KQVI is probably my next favorite.

2.)Starcraft (1998)

There’s probably not a game that I spent more endless nights playing than Starcraft.  It’s the ultimate strategy game, allowing users to choose between between three sci-fi races including terran(humans), protoss, and zerg.  The user is allowed to set up their city, funded by the mining of minerals & gas.  Various amounts of fighting units can be created and upgraded upon by the user.  The ultimate strategy element is probably the greatest and playing multiplayer on was the best.

3.)Warcraft I (1994)

Warcraft I was my first introduction to strategy gaming and Blizzard Entertainment in general.  Similar to Starcraft, you build your own town, set up it’s defenses, then scope out the enemy.  Gotta love the old style graphics!

4.)Commander Keen (1990)

While most kids were playing Mario, I was playing this! Except Commander Keen had a pogo stick and a laser gun!  That being said, the game is in similar style to Mario.  You lead your character (Keen) through a world controlled by slugs, robots, and other kinds of mutant creatures.

5.)Heroes of Might & Magic (1995)

Turn based strategy was something I really wasn’t familiar with until I started playing this game.  It expanded on a genre of fantasy I was already familiar with, so it wasn’t too hard to get into this game.  The best parts of this are the battles where you turn base attack your enemy’s units.  It’s like playing chess except with cooler looking chess pieces! So fun!

6.)Quest For Glory series (1989)

Quest For Glory is also by Sierra as is King’s quest.  It’s graphics are quite similar, except it introduces an RPG element to the standard adventure play.  Basically, it expanded upon what King’s Quest did.  You can battle your enemies in duels! I look forward to playing this game again sometime in the near future!

7.)Warcraft II (1995)

Warcraft II expanded upon many of the features that Warcraft I introduced.  Such things included better graphics, more units, buildings, and better unit control.  It made things more unit friendly and appeared faster paced.

8.)Diablo I (1997)

Diablo I was extremely fun to play on until all the hackers started showing up and made the dueling experience not so fun.  While Diablo II expanded upon the first Diablo, this one is still the classic that set up the amazing Diablo franchise.  It’s a much, much darker version of WoW, except with different looking, less-cartoony graphics.

9.)Lords of the Realm 2 (1996)

Lords of the Realm is similar to Heroes of Might & Magic in the fact that it’s turn based, however it’s battles are in real time and there aren’t any fantasy elements.  Lords tries to stay true to medieval history as much as possible.  The battles are the greatest parts of the game, especially sieging & defending various castles and fortresses.

10.)Math Blaster Episode I: In Search of Spot (1994)

As much as I’ve despised math my entire life, I have to say Math Blaster makes it fun.  Solving the math problems in order to participate in the gameplay is worth it.  Not only are the math problems there, they’re actually integrated into the gameplay that makes learning fun!

12.)Gobliiins (1991)

If you loving solving puzzles, you’ll love this one! In fact, i’ve heard this game was recently made available for the iPhone! (although i’ve heard the controls with the iPhone are kind of frustrating).  This puzzle adventure game by Sierra lets you control three different goblins, each with their own set of unique skills.  These goblins include a warrior, a magician, and a technician.  You must utilize each goblin’s skills to figure out how to get past certain screens.

13.)Star Wars: Rebel Assault (1993)

I’m surprised a Star Wars game isn’t closer to the top of my list considering how much I love Star Wars.  Rebel Assault brings the user closer to the actual Star Wars experience.  The graphics are pretty amazing for the game’s time!  The game is also hella hard! (which makes it more challenging).

14.)Tie Fighter (1994)

For me, Tie Fighter was probably the ultimate flight simulator game.  If you’ve ever dreamed of fighting for the Empire & flying around space, this game is it! I love the vintage looking graphics!


2 thoughts on “The Top PC Games that defined my Childhood

  1. Lou Ann

    Math Blasters? I remember buying that game for you, but honestly, I thought that you may of played it once only. Happy to know I was wrong.


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