Getting Into the Christmas Spirit

Whether its hot cacao that comforts you after escaping the nasty cold outside, watching a Christmas classic, joy driving around observing christmas lights, or spending time with friends and/or family, there are various things that people do to put them in the Christmas spirit.  With the hassle of the holiday rush, it sometimes seems harder than ever to find the peace of mind that Christmas should espouse.  Instead it may seem replaced by a faux sense of commercialism.  Sometimes it traps us and in our minds we make finding the perfect gift for our loved ones a harder task than should be necessary.

As we feel Christmas day creeping closer and observe more decorations go up around us, we find ourselves not feeling that same genuine sense of Christmas spirit that we felt when we were younger.  We ask ourselves, “When is that Christmas spirit going to kick in?”.  It’s as if we’re facing a different form of writer’s block.  There’s a simple answer and if we were to simply make time to feel that Christmas spirit-we may find it once again.  Here are some nifty ideas to get into the good ol’ Christmas Spirit:

  • Volunteer-remember that Christmas is about giving not receiving.  Give back to people who are more unfortunate than you and you’ll find yourself mentally satisfied.
  • Spend time with friends and family.
  • Make presents for your loved ones- While it’s sometimes hard to make time to do this, if you’re able to find the time you can create something that you’ll be truly proud of.
  • Watch a classic Christmas movie-A Charlie Brown Christmas and Elf are some of my personal favorites.
  • Decorate-put up your own Christmas lights, tree, or whatever you fancy!
  • Go ice skating! So fun.
  • Go out of your way to be nice to others.
  • Go to a Christmas play-like the Nutcracker or whatever your local downtown is offering.
  • Go carolling! I’m probably too shy to do this myself. :/
  • Play board games with friends/family.
  • Listen to Christmas music.
  • Make a Christmas mix CD then do some of the various ideas above while listening to it(decorating)
  • Cook a special meal for friends/family, maybe even trying a new recipe.
  • Try making new friends
  • Improve the relationships you already have
  • Send out Christmas cards!
  • Go shopping
  • Visit friends you haven’t seen in a long time.
  • Pay a visit to Santa
  • Donate toys to charities
  • Build a snow man(if you have snow available), if not-make fake snow!
  • Bake Christmas cookies!

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