Hobbit-Eating Storks, New Life forms, & a Lost Civilization?

Hobbit-eating storks, new life forms, & a lost civilization?  This month is about halfway through, it’s not even Christmas yet, and December is already gearing up to be one of the most newsworthy months of the year.  In case you missed it, here’s 3 pretty bizarre but fascinating stories that the month has given us thus far:

  • Hobbit Eating Storks? Frodo Baggins watch out! Archeaologists have uncovered a species of giant stork that roamed an Indonesian island 20 to 50 thousand years ago.  The giant bird also existed during the time when Homo-floresienses(also nicknamed “hobbit) lived around this area.  Although there’s no proof, scientists speculate that it’s completely possibly these storks could have feasted on the hobbits.
  • NASA has discovered previously unknown microorganisms in California’s Mono Lake.  Instead of using phosphorus in their chemical makeup, these organisms use arsenic.  Lake Mono is considered toxic, containing 3x the amount of salt than the ocean.  What does this mean? NASA now figures that life can exist in harsher conditions than previously thought.
  • A new hypothesis has emerged suggesting that a human civilization could have once existed around the Persian Gulf area before it was swallowed up by flooding tides from the Indian ocean(this occurred around 8,000 years ago).  More evidence is emerging that humans may have settled this area longer ago than previously thought.  Think Atlantis.  Probably not, but still cool.

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