Vick VS. Brady: Which QB Should Be Crowned NFL MVP?

Photo from Associated Press

With the regular NFL season nearly complete, debate has certainly heated up as to whether Michael Vick of the Philadelphia Eagles or Tom Brady of the New England Patriots should be awarded NFL MVP.

So far in this season, Vick’s stats are as followed: 2755 passing yards, 20 passing TD’s, and an overall QB rating of 103.6.  He also has thrown only 5 interceptions.  That’s not to forget his 613 rushing yards with 8 rushing TD’s as well.  That means he’s accounted for a total of 28 TD’s thus far this season.  Meanwhile, Tom Brady has been spectacular as well, accounting for a total of 3561 passing yards and 31 passing TD’s.  His QB rating is an amazing 109.9.  Unlike Vick, Brady’s rushing stats aren’t even worth mentioning as they account for essentially nothing.  Keep in mind that Vick has also essentially missed 4 games this season due to an injury against the Redskins.  Who know’s how much better his stats be if he had been able to play then? Vick, however, came back and continued his jaw-dropping play.  Vick’s play has been incredible and it should be kept in mind that he started this season as a backup, got back into a starting position, and became a pass first, rush last kind of guy who’s actually an incredibly accurate passer, a lot more so than his days in Atlanta.

Photo from Associated Press

Brady has soldiered on, proving he doesn’t really need Randy Moss, then again who really does right now? Brady’s ability to make any player that is brought onto his team into a star should be taken into account as well.  However, it’s Michael Vick’s determination to improve his play skill and his versatility that make the Eagle’s Quarterback the favorite in my mind to win NFL MVP.  Remember that this is a player like no other.

At the end of the day, the question is, “Which QB can lead his team deeper in the playoffs?” Brady’s been there, done that, and might have the upper hand, but it could be Vick’s time to shine.  As Drew Brees of the New Orleans Saints proved last year, one of these guys would much rather be named Super Bowl MVP than NFL MVP.


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