The IMAC G3: The Computer That Made Apple Hip

I remembered MACS as the outdated computers we used in middle school to practice typing and play Oregon trail.  The older ones required those large floppy disks.  They weren’t the prettiest of computers, in fact some of them were quite ugly.  However, they were what we had.  The PC had rapidly out-gained APPLE, especially with Microsoft’s release of Windows 95, the same operating system that every Windows release since has been strongly based after.  Windows 3.1 had been completely different.  Being PC was cool.  There was no coming back, then came the release of Apple’s IMAC G3.  They were the all in one computers that came in the different colors.  You’d often see them featured in commercials, perhaps the tag-line being “think different” or whatnot.  They quickly became a part of our early 2000’s pop culture, featured in a movie like Zoolander.  While the production of the G3 is long gone, their legacy prospers.

They started today’s modern MAC revolution.  The latest Apple desktop computers are the latest IMACS.  They were the first in what has since followed, stylistically attractive Apple products.  The slick, stylish look of the G3 makes it appear even cooler looking than many computers today.  You can find them on EBAY today for around $50.  However, beware the shipping costs.  I always thought they were cool looking.

I had recently purchased one off Ebay.  I reinstalled a new DVD drive, upgraded the memory to the max, and installed the Aiport card which would give me wireless internet.  However, if you’re expecting to use the Airport for wireless internet, there’s a range.  I’d say you’d have to have the computer within 2 yards of the router for a decent internet connection, so you might as well directly plug this bad boy in.  They’re older computers so don’t expect them to zoom nearly as fast as some of the newer ones on the market.  The DVD player is decent.  My G3 is running Mac OSX Panther.  I think that in from 2003 maybe? I can’t get the latest versions of firefox or safari.

The best use of the G3 nowadays(aside from looking cool) is as a word processor or internet surfing computer.  I wouldn’t suggest loading the G3 with a bunch of games, videos, or music(although a bit of music never hurts).  The built in speakers are nice.  It’s a heavy computer, although it comes with a built in handle.  Also, one bad thing about these computers are that since the CRT monitor is built in, after years of use, the monitor will eventually fail.  While the G3 comes with an external monitor plug in, there is absolutely no way to disable the internal monitor once it dies.  This can sometimes cause the entire computer to crash.  I do love the way that you can plug the mouse directly into the Mac keyboard.  I’m sure this is a feature used on the most recent MACS.  While the G3 wasn’t the ultimate operating machine, it certainly revolutionized and saved Apple with it’s sleek style.  You can thank the Imac G3 for a lot of Apple’s most recent success.


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