The Social Network: Movie Review

Whether you like it or not, Mark Zuckerberg is Time’s Person of the Year for 2010 and he probably deserves it.  Facebook has completely changed the way people socially interact with one another through modern technology.  We now live and breathe Facebook.  It helps us stay connected and find people we may have lost contact with in the past.  What started as a small college school social website quickly exploded and is now the giant it is today.  I think I read that over 40% of the U.S. population is on Facebook.  I’m sure that number rises every day, especially now that every 20-something year old’s parents are even starting to get their own Facebook account.  Zuckerberg may not have created Microsoft or Apple, but he may have created something even larger.

Perhaps this movie is spiced up a bit by Hollywood to make the true story of Facebook’s rise a bit more interesting.  There’s the somewhat dry humor.  Zuckerberg is portrayed as a complete nerd, although a cool one nonetheless.  The film loops through various lawsuits that Zuckerberg is facing in order to tell some of the film’s story line.  Zuckerberg may not have used the cleanest means in order to help Facebook’s rise.  Face Mash, which was one of Zuckerberg’s first sites used hacked Harvard student ID pictures and compared them in a hot or not type fashion.  The site quickly took on lots of hits and landed Zuckerberg in quite a bit of trouble.  In fact, he was almost expelled from Harvard.  In the movie Zuckerberg and his nerdy acquaintances find themselves growing ever more popular as Facebook grows.

There’s also the ever-so large pressure and stress that comes with running a multi-million dollar company and a lot of the movie focuses on some of the chaos that it brings. Was Zuckerberg and Facebook’s story too soon to tell? In fact, Zuckerberg is still only 26.  Perhaps Facebook’s story is far from over.  Anyways, the movie is good and solid and perhaps a must-see if you’re one of the millions of people who uses Facebook, or as it used to be known, “The Facebook”.


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