Replacing A Legend With A Legend: From Favre to Rodgers

Replacing a legend isn’t always easy.  Just ask former Dallas Cowboys Star Quarterback Troy Aikman.  The Cowboys struggled with finding a reliable leader under center until putting in Tony Romo just a few years back.  And perhaps after winning the latest Super Bowl and such a crazy past few years after Favre’s tumultous departure from Green Bay, Packers fans may want to forget the guy who won a Super Bowl for them nearly 14 years ago.  However, the fact remains that Favre and the Packers will likely repair their tumultous relationship in the coming years and most Packers fans will once again embrace their legend.  Perhaps some will forgive but never forgot.  Before the relationship between Favre and the Packers organization is fixed, it’s likely that Favre still has some demons to battle in his personal life.

Meanwhile, in the past few years Rodgers has been incredible.  He’s the only quarterback to pass over 4,000 yards in back to back seasons his first 2 years as a starter.  He deserved to go to the Pro Bowl this year but was snubbed.  However, i’m sure the guy is much happier being Super Bowl MVP.  That being said, let’s not forget that Rodgers likely benefited highly as Favre’s understudy.  Let’s give the old man Favre just a little credit for Rodger’s development into an elite quarterback.  The Packers organization did a great job as well.  After all, this is all very familiar territory.  Just remember how to 49’ers transitioned from Joe Montana to Steve Young almost 20 years ago.


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