Egyptian Museum Now Secure; Artifacts Missing

The golden funerary mask of King Tut is guarded(Image from Reuters)

This statue of Pharaoh Tutankhamun is now missing

After some initial reports that all artifacts were accounted for and could be properly repaired, it has come to light that some artifacts are missing after all.  The announcement came after the museum’s inventory was properly counted and the museum’s database department accounted for a total of 18 missing artifacts.  70 artifacts were also damaged but curators are confident that they can be repaired.  The objects stolen include 2 wooden King Tut statues.  The most valuable artifact taken was a limestone statue of Pharaoh Akhenaten.

Fortunately thieves failed to break into a gated room that held one of the most valuable artifacts from ancient history, the gold funerary mask of Tutankhamun.  Another statue missing was one of Nefertiti.

The museum remains closed as the riots settle down after former Egyptian President Mubarik’s departure from office.  The museum is being guarded by the army as officials determine the best way to upgrade the museum’s security.  The Egyptian Museum opened in 1902.

Minus any critical injuries or loss off life, perhaps the biggest loss during the Egyptian riots are these invaluable treasures that have survived thousands of years.  Hopefully there’s still a chance the items can be tracked down and safely returned.

UPDATE: The statue of Pharaoh Akhenaten was found by a trash can and was appropriately returned to the museum.  Egypt will also re-open historic sites on Sunday, a key to their tourism industry.  Great News!


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