1st Cosmic Census: 50 Billion Planets In The Milky Way Galaxy

(AP Photo/The Star Tribune, David Brewster)

So it’s just an estimate, but the first cosmic census conducted by NASA scientists with the aid of the Kepler telescope shows there are possibly around 50 billion planets out there.  What’s most interesting is that scientists believe that up to 500 million of these planets are in their star’s habitable zone, meaning the planets are neither too far from their stars, nor too close to their stars.

Being in just the right spot for these planets means the possibility that these planets have water, thus leading to an even greater possibility-the existence of life.  The census was conducted by using Kepler to examine a small part of the sky over the course of a year.  Once Kepler was done examining and counting the small part of the sky, it then made its estimation by adding in the rest.


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