Star Wars: The Clone Wars TV Series-It’s a Fun Ride

Well, I first started off by watching the Clone Wars movie, which came out in 2008 (I just watched it recently..).  Low and behold, getting into the actual TV series was a lot easier.  The movie was a great deal better than the reviews had lead me to suspect.  However, it was almost ruined by a couple of characters known as Rotta aka Smelly and Zero-both Hutts.  Rotta is Jabba the Hutt’s son.  Zero is Jabba’s uncle, who comes off as a flamboyant Hutt-say Jabba meets Culture Club and you get the picture.

Okay, so on to the actual TV series.  All the usual suspects from the Star Wars prequels are prevalent.  We have all our favorites from the Jedi council(Anakin, Kenobi, Yoda, you know the bunch), Palpatine, Dooku, the trade federation, and the coolest bad guy in this series-General Grevious.  To simply state that the series is action packed is an understatement.  The entire show is primarily non-stop action.  That’s a good thing, especially considering since it’s done in 3D CGI.  Thank god the romance scenes between Anakin and Padme from Attack of the Clones are nowhere to be seen.

Another good factor about this series is that Anakin doesn’t come off as a complete prick.  He’s not too immature like he was in Attack of the Clones and not too controlling like he was in Revenge of the Sith.  This series shows Anakin is a different and important light that you’ll rarely experience by watching the Star Wars prequel trilogy.  On the downside, there’s Anakin’s rash and incompetent apprentice, Ahsoka who can get quite annoying.  At times while watching, the viewer may ponder, “why is Ahsoka still a Jedi apprentice?” However, overall this is a great TV series and definitely worth checking out.


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