So Zombies really do exist..

Well, perhaps not human zombies.  But,  this is probably one of the most fascinating stories I’ve read in a long time, although it’s a bit creepy.  It’s also coming straight from National Geographic, so it’s pretty reliable and I think it shows how nature is so innovative.

Apparently there’s this fungus species in the Brazilian rainforest called  Ophiocordyceps camponoti-balzani. Just think about different types of plant seeds.  A lot of them are sticky and able to latch onto living organisms, thus spreading the plant’s growth.  Other plant seeds can be spread by the weather.  However, this fungus has a more gruesome way of spreading its growth, and it does this by attacking the brains of ants and causing them to scramble in different directions, thus giving way to a new area in which the fungus can grow.  The fungal infection eventually leads to the ant’s fatal demise.  So there ya go, perhaps zombies do exist.  At least in the form of ants.

For more information and pictures of the zombie ants:


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