Reflections on the Wrath of Mother Nature

The tsunami reaches the coast of Japan

I’ve looked at a lot of the photos of the recent devastation caused by the japanese earth quake and resulting tsunami.  This is one of the more fascinating ones I’ve been able to find.  It displays the power of mother nature and how human ingenuity is always susceptible to falling to its will.  It also displays how a real tsunami isn’t the common myth of just a large wave sweeping a coast, but shows the rise in sea level until it falls and fills the inland like a bowl.  As Japan begins the long road of recovery, our hearts go out to them and the other nations who’ve been devastated by natural disasters in the recent years.  Such occurrences are not signs of the end times, yet a crash course in planetary meteorology as thousands of disasters similar in scale have occurred throughout the course of human history.

While it’s true that the additional disruption of nuclear facilities have most likely made matters more complex, we can only hope that this is not another Chernobyl in the making (in fact initial reports point to it not being).  I think the complications with the nuclear facility highlight the slight occurrence of technology actually making matters worse when it happens to collide with mother nature.  Catastrophic events such as these remind us of how fragile human life is and how we shouldn’t take a single day of our time here on Earth for granted.


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