Foos Return With ‘Wasting Light’

Dave Grohl and company have returned with their latest release, Wasting Light. The last time the Foo Fighters released a record was nearly 4 years ago with 2007’s Echoes, Silence, Patience, and Grace (Wow 4 years already?).

After lots of touring and a greatest hits package, it was time to hit the studio again. Instead of recording the latest album at Studio 606 (where they recorded the last) the Foos took the step of recording it in Dave Grohl’s home garage. Guitarist Pat Smear (who originally left the band in 1997) has been fully implemented back into the band (even though he’s been a touring guitarist since 06).

The end result of the recording process is a genuine Foo Fighters record. The album starts with the fast and heavy-hitting Bridges Burning. While the guitar rift is simple, it’s sweet. The open drum beat helps pump listeners up (kind of like My Hero did, but in a much heavier way). It’s the perfect start to the album. Rope, the lead single has an interesting mix of guitars and a classic-sounding Foo chorus.

The album’s third track, Dear Rosemary hits me as a bit Petty-esqie. I’m sure there are plenty who’d disagree with me about that one, but it’s a lovely track with some amazing melodic guitar patterns going on. White Limo is the album’s heaviest track. In fact, it’s pretty similar to the track Weenie Beenie from 1995’s self-titled, except with a heavier edge. In fact the music video for the track went pretty heavy metal, having Lemmy from Motorhead driving the Foos around in a limo (great video btw).

Alandria is one of the best tracks on the album.  Grohl’s signature vocals hit with the line, “You and what army?”. The track is intense but good-natured and really, really catchy. These Days is a softer song with a harder hitting chorus. It’s just a really pretty-sounding rock song.

Back & Forth is a solid track with an extremely poppy sounding chorus. It’s just a really pop rock song. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, but it definitely distinguishes itself apart from other track on the album.

I’d have to say that A Matter of Time is probably my favorite track. It sounds like something you’d find on 1999’s There’s Nothing Left to Lose, except it has some heavier hitting guitar chords, which makes it edgier. Miss the Misery is one of the heavier rockers on the album. It’s another solid track.

We finally get to the much-discussed I Should Have Known, one of the album highlights that is rumored to be about Grohl’s relationship with Kurt Cobain and centers around the Nirvana’s singers self-destruction. Grohl sings, “I should have known, look at the shape you’re in. . .I should have known, there was that side of you. The song starts soft a and ever increases into a heavy track.

The album’s final track, Walk is a feel good, optimistic track. It’s a good closer for the album. With Wasting Light (surely to become notorious for having been recorded in Grohl’s garage),the Foo Fighters have created their best album since 1999’s There’s Nothing Left to Lose.


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