The Monthly Roundup: What Made April Tick

SETI Telescopes Shut Down:  In news that is bad for proponents of the search for extraterrestrial life in the universe, funding has been cut for SETI (The Search for Extraterrestrial Life Institute).

The project consists of 42 telescopes spread across 300 miles of land north of San Francisco. The 42 telescopes form the center of the Institute’s research arm. Meanwhile, the institute hopes to raise enough money to put the telescopes back online.

PlayStation NOTwork: Sony took the popular gaming network offline when they discovered that an external threat had occured. Sony is said to be rebuilding the network to ensure that such intrusions don’t occur again.

Power Play or Foot in Mouth? Real estate mogul and potential 2012 presidential candidate Donald Trump continued his criticism of President Obama for not releasing his full form birth certificate. The controversy escalated and concluded with the president releasing the original. Interesting Note: The more basic live birth certificate Obama released in 2008 is the current legal standard in Hawaii.

NFL Draft Class of 2011: The 2011 NFL draft kicked off in late April with the 2011 Heisman trophy winner from Auburn Cam Newton  being selected #1 by the Carolina Panthers. The draft took place amid the continuing labor dispute between the NFL and the former players union.

iPhone = iSpy? Apple faced criticism after users claimed the popular iOS based devices tracked their locations. Apple has described it as a misunderstanding. Although the issue was first brought up last year, it didn’t seem to become that big of a story until recently.

Tornados in Alabama: Tornadoes and storms have devastated the Tuscaloosa area of Alabama, causing over 300 fatalities.


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