Pirates: On Stranger Tides – Movie Review

Walt Disney Pictures

(The Wookie Post) – Despite falling flat with many critics, the latest Pirates of the Caribbean movie breathes new life into a franchise that had begun waring itself out by over-reliance on cgi, sappy love, magic, and all too crazy plot-lines. Instead, On Stranger Tides lessens the above, all while giving enough of the classic Pirate elements that viewers loved so much in the first film.

Depp is back as Sparrow, along with similar characters from the previous films (first mate Gibbs, Barbossa). The new movie doesn’t have Knightley or Bloom and that’s a good thing for the franchise, it cuts back on the all too sappy love scenes (However, there is a crew mate that falls for a mermaid, but this is tolerable).The addition of Penelope Cruz pays off (she has great on-screen chemistry with Depp). Blackbeard’s character is alright in the movie, although not grand.

Finding the fountain of youth may sound too cliche for a story line, but this film keeps the plot line more simple where it’s not overshadowed by CGI and isn’t nearly as silly as the last two films’ all too crazy plots (Dead Man’s Chest, At World’s End). Also, the humor is back, there are plenty of laughs in On Stranger Tides (again..where the last 2 had started to fall flat). Overall, this film is a throwback to the first and the obvious best since it.

So why all the flat review? Had this film been released as the second in the franchise, it would have been met with more positive ones (Just my belief). However, it’s guessable that the critics have felt this franchise has dragged on too long. However, I think it has the opposite effect and shows that there’s new life left.

Overall, it’s a fun film. All while breathing new life into the franchise, On Stranger Tides should help Captain Jack’s merry adventures continue for a few more rounds. Rating: 3/5


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