Radcliffe Shines in First Post-Potter Film

The Woman in Black (Hammer Film Productions)

Sure, actor Daniel Radcliffe has faced some eery endeavors in his young career as an actor. Just think..evil dementors and even Lord Voldemort himself, all brought to you courtesy of the wonderful world of Harry Potter. However, this time, Radcliffe’s in for something spookier: the deranged ghost of a woman hellbent on causing the deaths of a small British village’s children. And it’s all because her own child was kept away from her own reach and passed away in an unfortunate incident in the town’s marsh. She’s out for revenge. If she can’t have her own child, then nobody can!

Solicitor Arthur Kippsis is sent to organize the paper work at the deceased woman’s home in order to legally prepare the manor for sale. Not surprisingly, Arthur must face the woman’s ghost and save the town from her doom all while eventually attempting to ensure his own son’s safety (Harry has a kid? Who would have imagined?).

Indeed, it’s interesting to see Radcliffe move away from the role he assumed for nearly the last decade. As an actor, he shines in a new light, even if he does still come off as somewhat Potteresque.

The film itself is based off of the 1983 novel of the same name by English Author Susan Hill. While I definitely felt the film’s plot could have contributed more credence to the idea of solving a mystery, there’s still plenty to enjoy here (even though not everyone will like how it concludes). It’s filled with fright, eery imagery and overall makes for a fun, jump outta’ your seat scared type of thrill. On an interesting note, it ends in the same settings as The Deathly Hallows: A train station.

While Radcliffe will always be seen as Harry in the minds and hearts of many, he’s surely proven he has the versatility to fill the shoes of a variety of roles in his post-Potter career. Rating: 3/5


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