Hi! My main interests include history, science, nature, spors and different cultures.  I thought it’d be a neat idea to write articles on just random things that interest me, so here it goes.  Make sure to visit back for new articles and please comment!


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Candyce Francis


    I would like to get permission to post the photo of WDW ExtraTERRORestrial Alien Encounter on our web site. We can offer photo credit and a link back to your site. Do you know the source of the photo, if it was not taken by you? I have enjoyed reading some of your entries, and would like to thank you for posting the information. I am working right now, so cannot endlessly indulge myself! Later…
    Thank you,

    Candyce Francis
    Marshall Long Acoustics

    1. letawookiewin Post author

      Hi there! Thanks for the post. The image is not mine. You can find the source where I got it from here:

      It appears to be a Disney fan site in a foreign language. Perhaps searching some more could turn up a different source.
      Good luck!



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