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Getting Back Into Drawing…and Blogging

Drawing was something I was very passionate about as a child. I’d do it all the time…at home, on the go, and especially, while I was supposed to be paying attention in school (my grades suffered, but at least I had one of the biggest imaginations around!). Needless to say, as I’ve grown older, I’ve lost the virtue of patience. Yes, drawing takes both patience and dedication. You have to fine-tune your craft and constantly work on it, knowing that if you stop for any extended period, you may just lose all of those skills you’ve worked so hard to attain (well, at least a lot of them…).

I’m now 30 and my attention span is shorter than ever. It’s easy to get caught up in the endless news cycle, the constant buzzing of social media, and the overall craziness of the world today (distractions are more prevalent in my life than they’ve ever been before!). I have to force myself to focus and although sometimes painful, I find that I thoroughly enjoy hobbies if I just sit down and take the time to do them…whether it’s forcing myself to draw, forcing myself to read a book, or even forcing myself to work out. It helps me escape the very negative state of the world today. Even at my age, my imagination gives me hope that there’s something better around the corner. After nearly 2 decades of not drawing, I’ve returned. Here are some Star Wars sketches I’ve completed over the past couple months: