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The Conjuring REVIEW: Decency VS. Demons

The Conjuring REVIEW: Decency VS. the DemonsREVIEW: The Conjuring is the latest saga inspired by the real life experiences of ghost hunters Ed and Lorraine Warren, also famously noted for their link to the Amityville Horror. And while the thruthiness here is somewhat questionable (we all know Hollywood is going to up the ante for the big screen, right?), the “inspired by true events” value makes the movie extremely mesmerizing. If you didn’t find yourself Googling “The Conjuring” and researching the true story afterwards, you may have been in the minority.

The film has solid acting, sticks true to the classic horror film format and features a slow build up that makes the film’s final thirty minutes or so that much more exhilarating. In the scare department, the film falls a little short. I didn’t find myself checking under the bed,¬†looking in the closet or over my shoulder once I got home. That being said, I know from other reviews, The Conjuring did scare elsewhere. However, where the film truly succeeds is in the “thriller” category. Shortly before its climax, things are so high paced that you’re left wondering, “will the fight for decency win out in the battle against a demonic force?” Film maker James Wan, also known for films like Saw and Insidious, truly succeeds in showing the strength of the human spirit remaining strong in the face of pure evil, something that’s pretty rare in many horror films. RATING: 3/5

PS. Wondering what the doll from the film really looked like? Check this out: http://firstclasshorror.files.wordpress.com/2013/06/the-conjuring-ew-1.jpg